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From: Gabriel Angelo

"An open message to all guys, who want a girlfriend...NOW!"




Dear Fellow Girlfriend-Seeker,



Do you want to have a girlfriend right now?  I mean right now...this instant!


Do you want to know how to instantly meet a girl, and automatically make her your girlfriend without you having to try?


Well, imagine...being able to meet a girl and within the hours make her your girlfriend...without you having to sleep with her...


"Huh?  What?  Are you serious?"


Yes, I know what you are thinking...that seems almost impossible, but that is the ideal desirable outcome you want, right?


Don't we all want to know how to instantly meet a girl and within one hour make her your girlfriend?


Well, it's not as far from reality as you may think...


It's quite achievable, and it's has nothing to do with magic or money. 


In fact it is very simple, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised of how simple it is.



How is that possible?


Well, the secret is...actual time is NOT a factor in affecting how long a girl's emotion will feel about you being her boyfriend.


How long she thinks it should take for her before she can become your girlfriend is irrelevant.


Instant Girlfriend - Your Girlfriend

As you may know, women are emotional-beings.  They make up their mind about things based more so on their emotions of how-they-feel, than on logic of what-should-be.


A girl's emotion is everything.  Girls live and experience life through their emotions.


Have you ever had that experience, where you just met somebody but immediately had an instant connection and felt like you 2 had known each other like-forever?


That is what you want to do...expedite those emotions that make her feel like you are already her boyfriend in that short time-period making it feel like it has been longer than it actually is.


You can meet her within only an hour, and she will feel you are already her boyfriend.


If you can generate and address those emotions, she will want to be your girlfriend without you having to ask.


You have to preset these attraction emotions in her that you are already her boyfriend before you can even say it or confess your feelings, so she can justify it later


If you tell her prematurely you want really like her and to be her boyfriend before these emotions are placed, she will reject you because these emotions are not place there to convince her.


Have you ever been friends with a girl for a long-time, who you really liked and wanted it to be more than that, but when you made the move, you blew it and she rejected you, giving the, "Let's just stay friends."?



That is exactly what I mean...


You prematurely made your move and confess what you wanted before you address what her emotions needed to make her come to accept that reality of you 2 coming from a friendship, into a relationship.


That's why once a guy and a girl are already friends, getting out of that friend-zone is difficult...but not impossible.


To create this unignorable emotion in her to want to become your girlfriend, you do the things that create a heightened-sense of emotion in her, and then she can't help but want to be your girlfriend!





Well, that's what I get into...in my brand new guide...



"Instant Girlfriend..."

Instant Girlfriend - Gabriel Angelo

Secrets to Instantly Turn Girls into your Girlfriends within Hours of Meeting Her!



You will learn exactly how to do that and much more from...



  • How to build an instant-rapid fire connection on steroid upon meeting her that will feel she has known you for a long time and wonder where have you been all her life 


  • What you MUST ABSOLUTELY do after you meet a girl, even you get her number, for her to even consider seeing you again!  This is extremely important to all interactions upon meeting a girl!


  • Even if a girl doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, if you can give her this experience, she will be begging you to be her boyfriend


  • How to turn a long-time, female-friend that you have been stuck in the friend zone trying to get with for years, into your girlfriend


  • The real secret behind when a girl says how long it takes for her before wanting to be in a relationship with somebody


  • How you can compress a year's worth of getting to know somebody within only a few short hours


  • What are the inducive emotions you want to generate in girls for her to get so addictive to you that she won't want to leave your presence and can't wait to see you again, and the simple ways to generate them that you will be surprised of how simple they are


  • Not only that...but what good is doing all that hard work and finally getting yourself a girlfriend, but you can't keep her?  So you will also learn some advanced relationship managements from a girl's perspective to be able to keep your girlfriend who you worked so hard to get with, to have her never want to see another man again in life!


  • Why one day you're having the perfect relationship with your girl, and almost overnight she breaks up with you even though you guys never fight or had any argument.


  • Finally, a special bonus field report, never-released, of me in action putting everything together broken down, from meeting a girl all the way to making her my girlfriend



  • And a whole lot more...


Note this is not some same, old-rehearsed information you can find anywhere else.  You can only get this kind of information "to instantly make a girl your girlfriend" here!


Just learn the practical, simple strategies, and you can get instant results literally overnight!


That's right...overnight! 


No need to take months or weeks to master any skill or trying to build up your confidence.


I created this guide as practical as possible, and with instant result in mind.


You can even finish it within only an hour and start meeting women and seeing the result you want right now!



Find it hard to believe?


That's why, I'm offering you...my 60-Days Iron-Clad Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee...


Instant Girlfriend Guarantee

Not that it will take that long to see result, but just so you will have plenty of time to have the chance in that period to read it and implement what you learn.


If you read it now, you won't need 60 days to see results!


And I'll make this even better for you...


Even if you ask for your money back, you can still keep the guide as my way of saying thank you for at least giving it a try.



How much will it cost?


So now you're probably thinking...



"Ok Gabriel, this sounds great and all, but what is the price?  How much are you going to charge for this?"



I have to admit...this is my most power-punched, value-packed program I have created so far, so I should be charging a lot.


I know people who are willing to pay a couple thousand-dollars to have the information to know how to get a girlfriend to finally fix their loneliness so they can avoid sleeping at night by himself.


But I won't charge you anything near that amount because I remember those days when I was lonely and wanted a girlfriend so badly that I would do anything, and also because I really want as many people to get their hands on this valuable, unique information as possible.



Are you ready for this...?


Therefore, I'm almost giving this to you for only $7. 


"Wait!  Wait!  What?  $7?!!!"


That's right, only $7...


Because like I said, I really want as many people to get their hands on this information as much as possible...and also, don't let the small price fool you, the information you will learn is very powerful yet simple to implement, and instant result can be have from it.



"But Gabriel, why can't you just give it away for free instead of charging the small price if you really want as many people to get their hands on this information?"



Well the fact is, as we all know, people don't place as much value into things given to them without any expense on their part as stuffs they pay for out of their own pocket...and so won't really put in the effort.


You'd probably just get it, and let it sit without every reading it and bothering to take action.



That is the reason why I'm charging you for this small amount...


The $7 is just a small investment just to make yourself implement the stuffs you will learn.


So there...I strike a perfect balance of wanting as many people to get their hands on this information and really wanting them to implement what they learn from it. 


Look, $7 is nothing when you start seeing the results you get.


And if you can afford the $7, save your money on the price of that fast-food lunch or expensive drink you were going to buy, or ask one of your good friends or family member to lend you, or wouldn't mind giving you this small measly $7 to help you improve your happiness.


But remember, this is only a test, and I will increase the price soon as more people get their hands on this information to limit/even out the playing field.


If you actually get this now...and since this is downloadable so no need waiting in the mail, and as I said before, this was created with instant result in mind...you can actually start getting results within a few hours from now!



So what are you waiting for?


Every second you waste, you could be meeting your new girlfriend that somebody else has already taken from you, all because you failed to take action right now!






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Wishing You Your Next Girlfriend,


Gabriel Angelo - Instant Girlfriend

Gabriel Angelo



P.S.  Remember you're protected by my 60-Days Iron-Clad Unconditional Money-back Guarantee. 


If you don't see results, or in anyway not satisfied, or even if you don't like it...just send me a simple email requesting your money back, and you'll promptly get every penny back, no questions asked...but still get to keep the guide as my way of saying thank you for trying it out.  You have nothing to lose, but your next girlfriend.